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An article for the slow release of volatilizable substances, such as deodorizers, insecticides, repellants and the like, the article being formed from opposed outer and inner wall members joined along their peripheral portions to define a central reservoir portion for receiving and confining a volatilizable substance. The outer wall member comprises a non-porous flexible polymeric sheet material which does not permit bulk flow, but allows molecular diffusion therethrough. The inner wall member comprises an impermeable barrier layer. Another barrier layer is releasably bonded to the outer wall and prevents escape of volatilizable substance until its removal at the time of desired use. In a further aspect, a strippable adhesive layer is bonded to the outer surface of the inner wall impermeable layer and removal of the strippable layer enables adhesive bonding of the article to environmental surfaces.

Article for the dispensing of volatiles
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
June 3, 1977
Publication Date
July 17, 1979
Sy Hyman
425 E. 58 St., New York, 10022
Marvin Feldman
Stephen E Feldman
A61L 9/04
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