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An aiming system for attachment to a weapon having a laser for projecting a beam of light onto a target to assist in aiming the weapon. The aiming system permits the laser to be releasably attached to the firearm by providing a mount which is releasably attached to an adapter secured to the aiming system. To protect the laser from severe recoil shock and to provide a rugged housing which prevents accidental damage or undesired contaminants from damaging the system, the laser is enclosed within a dust-proof housing and connected to a buffer means also carried within the housing. The aiming system further permits easy substitution of interchangeable housing, each enclosing a laser, by providing a mount fixed to the weapon which has a boresight adjustment mechanism that serves to adjust the position of the laser with respect to the barrel of the weapon.

Aiming system for weapons
Application Number
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Application Date
October 31, 1977
Publication Date
July 17, 1979
Wesley L Snyder
1103 Forest Home Dr., Houston, 77094
Arnold White & Durkee
F41G 1/34
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