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An electrical connector in which two rows of resilient contacts are mounted in a connector housing on opposite sides of a slot which is adapted to receive a printed circuit board or similar electrical component therein. The end portion of the spring contacting section of each contact is reversely bent in a direction away from the slot. A vertically movable contact shifting element is disposed between the spring contacting sections and the reversely bent end portions of the contacts in each row of contacts. A cam actuator is operated to move the contact shifting elements upwardly against the reverse bent end portions of the contacts thereby deflecting the spring contacting sections away from the slot so that a printed circuit board may be inserted therein with zero insertion force. Means is also disclosed for providing a wiping action between the contacts and the traces on the printed circuit board when the contacts are actuated to engage the board. The contacts are frictionally retained in the connector housing, and are provided with upwardly facing shoulders which allows a tool to be inserted through the slot in the housing to engage the contacts directly to press-fit the contacts into holes in a substrate underlying the housing. The contacts and connector housing are designed so that the contacts may be individually removed from the top of the housing.

Zero insertion force connector
Application Number
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Application Date
December 30, 1977
Publication Date
July 3, 1979
John W Anhalt
Thomas L Peterson
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
H05K 1/12
H01R 13/62
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