04159581 is referenced by 108 patents and cites 12 patents.

A device and method for dealing predetermined bridge hands to facilitate the widespread use of competitive scoring commonly followed in duplicate or tournament bridge by using a conventional deck of playing cards and a programmed device for setting forth different cuts of the deck for the different hands, different deals of the cut deck, and different distributions of the dealt hand so that each player cannot identify the hands dealt to each of the other players for the successive deals. A device for instructional analysis of bidding and playing and for presentation of expected scores and contracts is coordinated with the programmed dealing device.

Device for instruction in the game of bridge and method of and device for dealing predetermined bridge hands
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August 22, 1977
Publication Date
July 3, 1979
Edward Lichtenberg
615 Kings Hwy., Moorestown, 08057
Morton C Jacobs
A63F 1/00
G09B 19/22
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