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A reversible hydroelectric station associated with a dam having a water passageway includes shiftable components selective displaceable to achieve alternately, either an energy generation or an energy accumulation mode. One or more rotatable hydromotive assemblies is provided each having an integral machine hall surrounding a venturi. A pair of diffusers are mounted for rectilinear displacement downstream of the main body of the dam and upstream of the rotatable hydromotive assembly, respectively. Selection of energy mode is achieved by rotating the hydromotive assembly about a vertical axis to position a selected end of its venturi adjacent the dam water passageway and by rectilinearly displacing one said diffuser away from said hydromotive assembly and the other said diffuser into juxtaposition with said hydromotive assembly.

Dam with reversible hydroelectric station
Application Number
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Application Date
July 11, 1977
Publication Date
June 26, 1979
Francisco J G Atencio
3105 Diamante, Entre Rios
Emory L Groff Jr
E02B 9/00
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