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An improved integral snap action hinge comprises first and second main parts joined together by a plurality of hinge straps each of which includes a flexible intermediate portion which portions are aligned to define a hinge line which accommodates opening and closing of the hinge. Improved hinge also includes first and second hinge members, at least one of which is comprised of a flexible, resilient material. The first hinge member extends upward from the first main part between two of the hinge straps. The second hinge member extends upward from the second main part between the same two hinge straps, and confronts the first hinge member when the hinge is in the open position. The hinge members are so spaced that when the hinge is moved to the closed position the terminus of the first hinge member engages and slides along the confronting surface of the second hinge member, the sliding movement being accommodated by the flexing of the at least one flexible, resilient hinge member until the first hinge member is moved through a position substantially normal to the second hinge member whereupon the resiliency of the at least one hinge member acts to snap the hinge to the closed position.

Integral snap action hinge
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September 30, 1977
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June 26, 1979
Armand A Fiorenza
2892 Carlyle Rd., Wantagh, 11793
Milton P Chernack
399 June Pl., West Hempstead, 11552
Hubbell Cohen Stiefel & Gross
E05D 1/02
E05D 7/00
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