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An apparatus and method for providing an impregnation/rinsing of a web with fluid is disclosed wherein the web is repeatedly gently squeezed and allowed to open. A perforated conveyor belt carries the web within a longitudinal tank in which a series of squeeze rollers and a series of singular or cooperating rollers are arranged with the cooperating rollers being disposed intermediate the squeeze rollers. The web is carried by the conveyor belt beneath the first squeeze roller where the web is gently squeezed in a nip defined between the conveyor belt and the roller. The conveyor belt then carries the web above a cooperating roller. After the web has been gently squeezed, it is allowed to absorb the fluid in the tank without restraint until the web is gently squeezed again between the conveyor belt and the next squeeze roller. The steps of squeezing and absorbing are repeated throughout the longitudinal tank. Fluid is supplied to the longitudinal tank by one or more orifices which receive fluid from either a collection tank provided beneath the conveyor belt and longitudinal tank and/or from a supply of fresh fluid. The fluid in the tank typically travels in a path which is opposed to the general direction of travel of the web within the tank, especially when the apparatus is used as a rinser.

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December 9, 1977
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June 19, 1979
Allen R Winch
Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis
Cotton Incorporated
D06B 3/02
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