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A disaster alert system is disclosed which consists of two major sub-systems. The first sub-system is a central disaster alert station which transmits coded R.F. activation signals specifying the geographic area and/or the official personnel to be alerted. Said central disaster alert station also transmits audio signals containing the disaster warning message to be disseminated to potential disaster victims and/or pre-selected official personnel.

The second and companion sub-system consists of a plurality of independent and remotely located disaster alert modules which can be placed in any location to which disaster alert information is to be disseminated. Said disaster alert modules operate on continuous low-power standby, receiving and analyzing R.F. signals of a pre-determined carrier frequency and bandwidth. In the absence of said coded activation signal, said disaster alert modules remain in low-power standby. Detection and decoding of said coded activation signals results in activation of the module main power circuits. Activation of main power circuits results in a plurality of module outputs, including but not limited to, production of a clearly audible alarm signal, display of a clearly visible alarm signal, reproduction of the audio message, and activation of desirable auxiliary units equipped with said modules, such as, but not limited to, television receivers, public address systems, and civil defense sirens. Specially designated disaster alert modules located on or near roadways produce, upon similar activation, conspicuous alarm signals, and display disaster alert information on road signs.

Said disaster alert modules operate on self contained battery power with means provided for continuous or occasional re-charging from A.C. lines. Said disaster alert modules remain operative in the event of A.C. power failure. The low-power standby mode is intended to conserve energy and maintain extended battery life, and to preclude discernible outputs when no disaster conditions exists.

Disaster alert system
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October 31, 1977
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May 15, 1979
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