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A metal faced door for use as a replacement in existing door frame installations comprises a wooden frame providing a central cavity and pair of metal panels adhered on opposite faces of that frame with a synthetic resin foam core filling the cavity and bonded to both the wooden frame and the metal panels. The stiles of the wooden frame have longitudinally existing channels spaced from the side edges of the frame, and inturned lips on the side margins of the metal panels are fitted into these channels. The metal panels are dimensioned to terminate inwardly from the outer edges of the rails of the frame so that there is a peripheral margin of wood extending completely thereabout. In using this replacement door, it is mounted upon the existing hinges and any areas of interference are noted and trimmed. The location of the existing latch is also noted and the door is provided with the necessary apertures for the knob set and latch which are then mounted thereon.

Method of making and installing trimmable insulated steel faced entry door
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February 14, 1978
Publication Date
May 8, 1979
James R Seely
The Stanley Works
E06B 3/36
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