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A separable fastening device is disclosed which is adapted to encompass at least one member in gripped relation and to facilitate the simultaneous application of cinching and fastening forces which place the fastener in tension and are uniquely retained in the fastening device. The fastening device has a first flexible strap having on one surface a plurality of upstanding hook and loop-type engaging elements, a second strap having on a surface opposite the first surface, a plurality of mating upstanding hook and loop-type engaging elements, with means being provided to connect the first and second straps, and retaining means connected to the free end of the first strap, the retaining means defining an opening configured to receive the free end of the second strap. The opposed positions of the mating engaging elements are such that when the fastening device is positioned about the member with the free end of the second strap extended through the retaining means, at least retaining the retaining means in a fixed position and applying cinching forces to the free end of the second strap, causes the device to grip the member, and simultaneously pressing the surfaces of mating engaging elements in face-to-face relation provides face-to-face engagement of the strap portions to retain the grip thereby applied. In the preferred embodiment the separable fastening device comprises a tourniquet utilizing a retaining means either in the form of a pull-ring or a relatively short retaining strap to retain one end of the fastening strap while the other end is cinched.

Separable cinch fastener
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August 18, 1976
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April 17, 1979
Russell Hasslinger
Pennie & Edmonds
Velcro USA
A61B 17/12
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