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A system is disclosed for creating custom garments of clothing for a wearer by combining data on personal tailoring measurements of the wearer, physical characteristics of the wearer, a garment pattern, and garment options selected on the basis of the resulting combination of personal and pattern data. As disclosed, the system is embodied with a central location unit including a cutting table apparatus, a memory for a substantial number of patterns, and a pattern-processing system. The central unit serves a plurality of remote location equipments through a communication system which may incorporate a telephonic link. The remote equipments include an interactive graphic display terminal which cooperates with a remote location computer for the effective combination of physical data, personal selection data, and pattern data. As disclosed, an operator customizing a garment (typically the intended wearer) selects a garment pattern from storage at the central location unit with the result that display data on the pattern is recorded in the location equipment. Personal physical data is also supplied to the location equipment and the two forms of data are combined to provide data representative of the combination. The resulting combination, with certain designer limitations, is then formulated for an interactive graphic display forming the basis for optional variations, some of which may be selected by the operator. In the final analysis, the combined data (pattern, physical measurements, and individual selections) are manipulated by the system to provide: (1) data for a current graphic display, and (2) specific pattern data. Upon confirmation, the specific pattern data is processed to control a central-location cutting table apparatus to provide the components which are sewn together to accomplish the designed garment.

System for specifying custom garments
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June 12, 1978
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April 10, 1979
Robert N Goldman
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Nilsson Robbins Dalgarn Berliner Carson & Wurst
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