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The invention adds liquid solar heating to conventional house construction without altering the plans. Sections of moulded polyester resin embedding p.v.c. pipes connect together to provide a continuous liquid pathway which is hidden from view. The sections are artistically styled, obviating the unsightly appearance of present day solar equipped homes. The arrangement is very inexpensive, yet durable, and not subject to glass panels and its attendant breakage or the use of expensive copper tubing. The entire roof is a collector and different parts of the roof are exposed to the direct sunlight at all times of the day.

The solar sections actually replace the shingles, tile or other outer coating of the conventional roof for new construction. Hence, the solar section is integral with the house, making it more stormproof, yet workmen may walk over the roof.

Inner roof solar system
Application Number
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Application Date
June 24, 1977
Publication Date
March 27, 1979
Joseph Allegro
377 Ellamar Rd., West Palm Beach, 33405
Laurence R Brown
F24J 3/02
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