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A brake apparatus is disclosed for a motor driven saw blade, and includes a hub threadably attached at one end along its centerline axis to a drive motor, and attached to a saw blade via a flange formed on the other end of said hub, said hub having the shape of a cylinder. Also included are two brake shoes, one situated on each side of the hub, with each shoe including a brake pad portion thereon, such that when said brake shoes are actuated by brake actuation means operatively connected to said brake shoes, said shoes are caused to squeeze together to thereby brake rotative movement of said hub and therewith said saw blade. Means are also provided for adjusting the extent of brake shoe displacement during actuation as needed due to brake pad wear.

Brake apparatus for a motor driven saw blade
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January 26, 1978
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March 27, 1979
Marvin M Thompson
2137 Otis Dr. #208, Alameda, 94501
Eugene L Woloveke
864 Dolphin Dr., Danville, 94526
Phillips Moore Weissenberger Lempio & Majestic
B27B 5/38
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