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A spectator participation game apparatus for use in conjunction with the observance of a program or sporting event such as a football game in which one or more observers on separate game apparatuses try to predict the type of "play" or occurrence which will next ensue, as well as predicting separately the outcome or results of the succeeding play. The game apparatus includes a selector panel for each participant on which are located a plurality of play selection switches, a plurality of outcome switches, and a score indicator; a control unit connected to the selector panels for control thereof, and an electrical logic circuit for changing the scoring indicators responsive to the type of play actually occurring and the results thereof.

Game apparatus for use in conjunction with the viewing of a spectators sport
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January 16, 1978
Publication Date
February 27, 1979
Irving M Everton
1701 Brookcliff Dr., Greensboro
A63F 7/00
A63B 71/04
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