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A recloseable, pilfer-proof container is disclosed which is formed from a single blank of fiberboard according to a method of the present invention. The container includes a six-sided, closed container base portion having a hinged, pilfer-proof access flap. A tear-open, hinged access flap is defined in the top and front sides of the container base by a broken cut line. A pair of locking tabs are defined by the cut line in the front side of the container base adjacent the access flap. A hinged lid portion overlies the access flap and is glued to the access flap so that it is constrained to pivot with the flap. When the lid portion is grasped and pivoted to open the container for the first time, the hinged access flap is torn away from the top and front sides of the container base along the cut line and is pivoted on its hinge. When the lid portion and flap are reclosed, the locking tabs engage corresponding edges of the flap to lock the lid portion and flap in the closed position.

Recloseable pilfer-proof container and blanks
Application Number
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June 9, 1977
Publication Date
February 27, 1979
Orison W Stone
R.F.D. #1, New Haven, 05472
Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis
B65D 5/54
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