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A relatively low cost and lightweight solar energy collector of the type in which air is used as the heat transfer medium is provided by a frame member having the general form of an upwardly open box formed of relatively low density rigid thermal insulating slabs, a solar insulation absorber plate within the box, and a transparent glazing cover for closing the top open side of the box, with the edges of the frame member being secured to and sealed with the glazing cover by a high temperature adhesive and sealant which has the property of flexibility in maintaining its sealing and bonding character throughout the variations in temperature to which the solar collector is subjected to thereby accommodate the differential expansion of the box relative to the cover. The box has a width which permits it to nest between the framing members of the structure to which it is to be applied, and the cover has a slightly greater width so that it is supported by the exterior faces of the framing member and accordingly is integrated into the building structure to provide an exterior surface of the building in the area of the collector.

Solar heat collector
Application Number
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July 15, 1977
Publication Date
February 27, 1979
Albert Weinstein
E C Arenz
Westinghouse Electric
F24J 3/02
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