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A nail driver having a rod that telescopes within a hollow elongated tube. One end of the rod is designed to strike the nails and a weighted handle is attached to the other end. The tube has at least one chamber for holding the nails in position to be struck by the driver, and the chamber has a slot for receiving the nails. There are means for feeding nails through the slot. Preferably there are two such chambers and two such feeding means, one chamber and feeding means adapted for flat headed nails and the other chamber and means adapted for finishing nails. The impacting end of the rod is bifurcated, and one portion is designed to drive finishing nails in one chamber and the other portion is designed to drive flat headed nails in the other chamber. The impacting end of the rod and the chamber are changeable so that the invention may be used to drive a wide variety of nail sizes and types.

Nail driver
Application Number
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July 25, 1977
Publication Date
February 13, 1979
Joseph R Catalano
695 Liberty St., Rockland, 02370
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks
B25C 1/02
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