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A device for tensioning and locking air cargo net straps. A frame has laterally spaced side webs having elongated grooves in which is slidably mounted a wedge member. A clamping lever cooperates with the wedge member in clamping a free end portion of a strap disposed therebetween and reversely over the wedge member. A control lever pivotally mounted on the frame has laterally spaced lugs on which is mounted a roller that is moved to a position engaging the clamping lever to clamp the strap when the control lever is in a locking position. The control lever moves the roller away from the clamping lever to release the strap when it is moved to an unlocked position.

Tensioning and locking strap device
Application Number
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Application Date
April 22, 1977
Publication Date
January 30, 1979
Vladimir G Shikin
Preobrazhensky val, 14, kv. 8, Moscow
Nikolai M Zaitsev
Smolnaya ulitsa, 31, kv. 116, Moscow
Leonid I Suris
Smolnaya ulitsa, 31, kv. 85, Moscow
Jury N Ivanov
Oruzheiny pereulok, 5-9, kv. 60, Moscow
Bruce L Adams
Emmanuel J Lobato
Robert E Burns
B64D 9/00
B61D 45/00
A44B 11/25
A44B 11/10
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