04135868 is referenced by 71 patents and cites 10 patents.

Modular supports for instruments in a sterilization tray having a bottom and a cover each containing an array of apertures, and each support comprising an integrally molded rectangular instrument support base with downward projecting longitudinally split buttons to be inserted in the tray bottom apertures. Each instrument support base has upstanding members with a slot therebetween to receive and hold selected strips notched on their upper edges to cradle and support instruments for sterilization.

A hold-down base has upwardly extending buttons to be inserted in the tray cover apertures including a wide slot to hold a downwardly extending block of resilient material for contacting instruments cradled in the strip notches. A bracket with a longitudinal fin inserted in the slot of an instrument support base fixed to the cover may also hold a resilient block to be used as a hold-down.

Supports for instrument sterilization
Application Number
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Application Date
April 5, 1977
Publication Date
January 23, 1979
Herbert Schainholz
316 Locust St., Teaneck, 07666
A61L 3/02
A61L 3/00
A61B 19/02
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