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A ventilated stove for use in recreational vehicles and the like that includes an oven which is divided into an upper and lower compartment. Positioned between the upper and the lower compartments is a gas burner. A reversible blower communicates with the oven through a duct and can be selectively rotated for causing the air to flow upwards over the burner into the upper oven or downwards through the burner to the lower compartment of the oven. An access door is provided in the rear of the oven so that food can be inserted in the oven from outside of the vehicle. A valve means is provided in the duct for withdrawing combustible by-products from surface burners carried on top of the stove.

Ventilated stove
Application Number
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Application Date
September 29, 1977
Publication Date
January 9, 1979
Alva T Smith
Rte. 6, Box 21, Hendersonville, 28739
Bailey Dority & Flint
F24C 15/32
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