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An adjustable bed-chair comprising a lower supporting frame, a first horizontal panel adjustable relative to the frame, a second panel pivoted at one end to said first panel and having a central recess opening thereinto from the bottom side. A body supporting assembly comprising a back and head support pivoted to said second panel at one end of said recess, a middle support pivoted to the other end of said recess and a leg support pivoted to said middle support. The back, middle, and leg support are covered by inflatable bags and these are covered by a layer of foam material. Bellows like inflatable bags are also provided to cause movement of the back support relative to the second panel; movement of the middle support relative to the central panel; movement of the leg support relative to the central support; and movement of the first panel relative to the supporting frame. A central portion of the mattress is removable and replaced by a toilet.

Adjustable bed-chair
Application Number
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Application Date
July 15, 1976
Publication Date
December 5, 1978
Henry C Zur
10 W. Griswold, Phoenix, 85021
A61G 7/10
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