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The limited temperature range for operation of conventional semiconductive force transducers is greatly extended in both directions, typically attaining a range from about 4.degree. Kelvin to at least about 400.degree. C. A piezoresistive strain gage is typically formed in a monocrystalline layer of semiconductive material grown epitaxially to a thickness of only a few microns on a monocrystalline support member which has high inherent resistivity and serves directly as force responsive member. For example, silicon is grown epitaxially on one face of a sapphire pressure responsive diaphragm with suitably oriented crystal axes. The diaphragm is typically mounted in hermetically sealed relation on an alumina support with an interlayer of fused glass having selected properties. Transition from the alumina support to a conventional housing is preferably made via a metal such as Kovar in described configuration. Electrical connections to the silicon capable of withstanding high temperatures are preferably made via platinum with a shield of silicon/platinum alloy.

Solid state force transducer
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February 22, 1977
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November 28, 1978
J Hardy House
Yorba Linda
Conrac Corporation
G01L 1/22
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