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A dispenser for dispensing pills or tablets in a predetermined sequential order, including a pill container, a dispensing cap, and sequence indicating indicia associated therewith. The container is a cylinder, preferably transparent, having spaced annularly arranged bores extending thereinto from a first end thereof, with each of the bores adapted to hold a predetermined number of pills or tablets arranged in a single column therein. A dispensing cap fits over the first end of the container and engages with the container to be rotatable thereon and is adapted so that as it is rotated on the container each of the annularly arranged bores is accessed in an annular sequence to permit the pills or tablets within the accessed bore to be sequentially individually dispensed therefrom. Indicia denoting the number and sequence in which pills are dispensed are associated with the container so as to instruct and remind the user of the times at which the pills or tablets should be taken and to allow the user to confirm that he has not inadvertently failed to take a pill or tablet at the required time. Such indicia may be inscribed or otherwise applied on the container or may appear on an insert positioned in a centrally located bore extending through the container, which insert may optionally be retained in the container by a second cap member that fits over the opposite end of the container from the dispensing cap.

Dispenser for dispensing pills or tablets in a predetermined order
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December 13, 1976
Publication Date
November 28, 1978
Robert M Sunnen
St. Louis County
Charles B Haverstock
The Emko Company
B65D 83/04
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