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There is disclosed a liquid crystal display device which utilizes an elliptical mirror to present a magnified image of a light trap across the surface of a liquid crystal display element which is positioned with respect to the mirror and the light trap so as to simultaneously receive both ambient and auxiliary illumination on the surface of the display element from the mirror at angles where liquid crystal scattering is most effective. The auxiliary light source may be positioned adjacent to the light trap. The display element is positioned such that the viewing angle for the observer is below the horizontal line from the observer to the plane of the display element. The light trap and auxiliary light source are slightly above the display element whereas the elliptical mirror is below and in front of the display element positioned so as to place the light trap at one focus of the ellipse of which the mirror surface forms a segment and to position the mirror image of the observer reflected from the display element at the other focus of the ellipse.

Reflector focused light trap for a liquid crystal display
Application Number
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Application Date
July 18, 1977
Publication Date
November 7, 1978
William R Byles
Los Angeles
W H MacAllister
Donald C Keaveney
Hughes Aircraft Company
G02F 1/13
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