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An elastomer display device which can discriminate by unaided visual observation a pattern to be displayed by utilizing elastic deformation of an elastomer produced upon application of an electric voltage thereto is disclosed. The device comprises a transparent substrate and four laminated coatings consisting of a transparent electric conductive membrane pattern to be displayed, a transparent elastomer coating, a metal reflecting coating and an electric conductive elastomer coating. Between the transparent electric conductive membrane pattern and the elastomer coating is interposed a transparent insulating coating which functions to decrease the voltage required for driving the elastomer display device. On the electric conductive elastomer coating is formed an opposed electrode formed of metal or electric conductive resin which functions to apply the voltage to overall surface of the display device. At least one of the electric conductive elastomer coating, transparent elastomer coating, metal reflecting coating and opposed electrode is formed into a pattern-shape which functions to prevent electric field from spreading out of the pattern and prevent frost-shaped surface deformation from being projected out of the pattern, thereby providing an elastomer display device having a high resolving power.

Elastomer display device
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December 22, 1976
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October 10, 1978
Toru Yamazaki
Sherman & Shalloway
Citizen Watch
G02F 1/00
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