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A screw press for extracting liquid from materials, such as juice from fruits and vegetables, has a compressing section for expressing the liquid from the liquid containing material with a screw member and a holding section receiving the compressed pulp. The pulp holding chamber has an auger mounted therein for driving compressed material therefrom through a choke controlled discharge which opens in response to material pushed thereagainst. The choke has scraper blades mounted thereon to break apart the discharging pulp, and is clutched to rotate with the auger upon being pushed a predetermined amount. The cage forming the chamber can be separated for cleaning, and the auger is retractable from the chamber for cleaning by actuation of a motor drive retraction member. The screw member and auger each have variable speed drives to achieve a wide range of expressing conditions in both sections. The base of the press is separable between the sections such that the holding section can be used with different compressing sections.

Screw press apparatus
Application Number
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October 25, 1977
Publication Date
October 3, 1978
Arthur J Hunt
Ormond Beach
Biebel French & Nauman
The French Oil Mill Machinery Company
B30B 9/18
B30B 9/16
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