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A security hinge is disclosed which includes a pair of leaves, having respectively, at least a pair of spaced end knuckles and at least one immediate knuckle disposed therebetween. Each knuckle includes a central axial bore, the bores being aligned co-axially. A pair of pins are provided, each pin having a head portion disposed in an end knuckle bore for rotation in unison therewith and a body portion thereof disposed within an intermediate knuckle bore to maintain the leaves in assembly and permit relative rotation therebetween the pin and intermediate knuckle. Stop means, are provided interiorly of the bores, against which the heads of the respective pins abut, thus preventing the pins from being driven completely through the end knuckle bores in the axially inward direction. Since the pins are recessed within the bores, and one prevents the other from being forced out of the bores in the axially outward direction, unauthorized disassembly of the hinge is precluded. The hinge may be provided with continuous passage means into which one or more electrical conductors are engaged, so that said conductor is substantially concealed, the hinge giving the outward appearance of a conventional, load bearing hinge.

Security hinge
Application Number
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July 22, 1977
Publication Date
September 26, 1978
Tom M Lawrence
Olson Trexler Wolters Bushnell & Fosse
Lawrence Brothers
H01R 39/00
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