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A finger wheel for use in an agricultural implement having a substantially circular unitary backing plate with a plurality of bosses disposed in a circle concentric to the backing plate adjacent to the periphery thereof and projecting axially therefrom and with a plurality of anchors disposed in a circle concentric to the backing plate centrally of the bosses and spaced between alternate pairs of bosses; a plurality of bifurcated substantially identical finger elements each of continuous wire material individually related to the anchors, each having a pair of helical coils individually slidably fitted in circumscribing relation to the bosses adjacent to their respective anchor, a return bend connecting the pair of coils, and a pair of fingers individually extending from the coils radially outwardly from the backing plate; and arcuate clamping plates releasably mounted on the backing plate overlaying the bosses and the anchors and capturing the finger elements thereon.

Finger wheel
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April 18, 1977
Publication Date
September 19, 1978
James J Carlucci
716 Monroe Ave., Los Banos, 93635
Huebner & Worrel
A01B 35/26
A01B 21/04
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