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A device for clamping a tubular conduct and piercing the wall of the conduct to establish fluid communication with the inside of the conduit includes a clamp having a pair of jaws which are openable to allow the clamp to be inserted around the conduit and closed to create a cradle for the conduit and allow the conduit to be pierced by a hollow piercing member carried by one clamp jaw. The jaws are readily and easily locked into position by locking tabs on one end of the jaws and the jaws are hinged together at the other end. Two embodiments are disclosed; one in which the device is used for medical purposes for tapping into a tube, e.g., as used for intravenous feeding, and the other for industrial purposes, e.g., for tapping into a tube transporting maple sucrose.

Tube clamp and piercing device
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December 13, 1976
Publication Date
September 12, 1978
Gayland M Williams
3 Maple St., North Springfield, 05150
Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn and Macpeak
A61M 5/00
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