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An apparatus for teaching bridge comprises a first sheet bearing a representation of a bridge hand and a second sheet associated with the first sheet bearing information relating to one way of bidding the hand represented on the first sheet in a given situation. The first sheet is so formed that the second sheet can be moved relative to the first sheet progressively to reveal different parts of the information on the second sheet. A student using the apparatus is presented with a bridge hand and informed of the circumstances in which he is holding the hand; he is then required to make bids in response to bidding from other imaginary players and after making such a bid moves the second sheet relative to the first to reveal the bid which he should have made and comments on why he should have made that bid. The student then considers his next bid in response to the further bids of the other imaginary players and then again moves the second sheet relative to the first. This operation is repeated until the end of the bidding. A plurality of first and second sheets are provided to enable a student to repeat this procedure with many other hands.

Apparatus for teaching or practising bridge
Application Number
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March 4, 1977
Publication Date
September 12, 1978
Arthur Jose De Castro Basto
Las Torres II, 3.degree.B, Los Boliches Fuengirola
Brisebois & Kruger
G09B 19/22
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