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A mobile information display system which may be transported to the site of a sports or entertainment event and then erected to provide a large screen display of video images produced by a live T-V camera so that even those members of the audience who are unable to obtain a full view of the activity may see the field action as well as instant replays. The system includes a lamp matrix display screen board, each lamp of which is individually controlled by a computer to pesent black-and-white video images derived from the live camera or other source. The matrix board is divided into a central panel and a pair of side wings hinged to the central panel and foldable thereover to form a compact stack which is carried horizontally on the bed of a trailer hauled by a tractor. The stack lies over a turntable provided with a hydraulically-operated lifting beam assembly mechanically linked to the rear of the center panel, whereby when the trailer is at the site, the lifting beam assembly is then operated to raise the board stack to a vertical viewing position, the side wings being swung out to complete the display screen. The turntable is then operated to cause the erect screen to assume the desired orientation with respect to the viewing audience.

Mobile information display system
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April 22, 1977
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August 29, 1978
Frederick A Burke
40 Riverside Ave., Riverside, 06878
Douglas A Long
94 Sturgis Ridge Rd., Wilton, 06897
Michael Ebert
G08B 23/00
H04N 3/12
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