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Elastomeric particles, e.g., rubber grindings and buffings produced in vehicular tire manufacturing and recapping operations, are incorporated into at least one surface of particle-board panel to increase friction, prevent stacked panels from sliding in echelon, prevent tools from sliding thereon, prevent workmen from slipping thereon, and still allow the panel to be cut and nailed. The particles can be bonded to the panels simultaneously with the panel molding operation or in a separate subsequent operation. In a preferred method of fabricating a non-skid construction panel of the subject invention, rubber particles in the range from below about 10 to above about 20 pounds per one thousand square feet of surface area are distributed over a panel, and the rubber particles and the panels are subsequently subjected to heat and pressure, and the resulting panel has a smooth surface with the elastomeric particles being used somewhat as a light "salting" of the construction panel's surface layer. The resulting layer is smooth, but the presence of the elastomeric particles insures the non-slipping features mentioned above, as well as the ability of the panel to be nailed and cut, as required.

Construction panel with non-skid surface and method of fabrication
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November 4, 1977
Publication Date
August 22, 1978
Stephen J Tellman
Evelyn M Sommer
Champion International Corporation
B32B 5/16
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