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A game or test of skill which is comprised of three principal components: a playing surface that either conceals or suggests a secret pattern of paths, a probe for selecting points on the playing surface, and an indicator that reveals whether a selected point belongs on the pattern of paths. In a preferred form of the game the playing surface is a small card on which is marked a grid that indicates the possible positions and orientations of the concealed paths in the pattern. A start point is indicated on the grid; the player places a hand-held pencil-like probe at the start point and tries to find a continuous path from the start point to the end point. The probe leaves no mark on the card, but the player is aided by the indicator which provides a signal when the probe is on-path--the signal ceases abruptly if the probe is moved off-path. The end-point is reached when the probe arrives at a designated end-point line of the grid without an off-path indication, or a separate end-point signal (for example, a bell) can sound when the end-point is reached. The object of the game is to traverse the grid from start to end without once leaving a pattern path, and to do this in the fewest possible attempts.

Concealed pattern detection game
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March 19, 1976
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August 1, 1978
Louis Wilk
12440 Hilltop Dr., Los Altos Hills, 94022
Gerald L Pressman
7925 Rainbow Dr., Cupertino, 95014
A63F 9/06
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