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A control unit for oil wells for maximizing the efficiency of a producing oil well field, including the use of a variable speed AC motor powering each oil well pump jack, which enables the operator to control the strokes per minute on the pump unit and adjust the speed of the upstroke relative to the downstroke of the unit which is accomplished by the variable speed motor also having a variable cycle. This enables the operator to adjust the speed of the pump jack to pump all the oil that the formation will yield and also slowdown the downstroke so that excessive pounding against fluid columns and the resulting shock and vibration of the rod, tubing, pump and pump jack can be substantially eliminated. Other controls, such as high and low power cut out, temperature control, vibration sensor, flow meter, chemical analysis and injector device, and the like, may be incorporated into the control unit, with the conditions of each oil well being transmitted to a central location remote from the individual producing wells in an oil field, thereby reducing the necessity of personnel periodically inspecting the pumping unit at each oil well. Security devices are provided to reduce the possibility of unauthorized persons trespassing in the oil field.

Control unit for oil wells
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June 10, 1977
Publication Date
July 25, 1978
Elton M Botts
Harvey B Jacobson
Clarence A O Brien
Energy 76
E21B 43/00
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