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There is disclosed a technique for running casing in a well in which the casing joint about to be connected to similar joints suspended in the hole is releasably grasped on the inside of the joint. The casing joint is elevated through the releasable connection made inside the casing joint and is positioned to engage the joint suspended in the hole. The two joints are placed in engagement and the elevated joint rotated to make up the threaded connection. Fluid may be pumped into the casing string to maintain pressure control after making up the joint, while lowering the casing string in the hole or before the releasable connection is broken.

Technique for running casing
Application Number
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August 30, 1976
Publication Date
July 18, 1978
Charles George Delano
6449 Long Meadow, Corpus Christi, 78413
G Turner Moller
E21B 3/02
E21B 23/00
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