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A spray nozzle is provided for producing predetermined spray patterns of fan shaped configuration characterized in having an internal body configuration which is uniquely capable of effecting a very wide angled dispersion pattern of uniform density. The body of this spray nozzle is of disc shape having an outlet or a discharge end-face disposed transversely to a fluid flow axis through the body. An elongated, channel-shaped recess is formed in this discharge end portion and opens outwardly from the end face in transversely oriented relationship to the flow axis. A spray pattern control chamber is formed in the body along the flow axis thereof having an inlet at an end-face opposite the discharge end of the body and an outlet disposed interiorally of the body and in fluid communicating relationship with the channel-shaped recess. This spray pattern control chamber is formed with axially extending sidewall portions that are laterally spaced and are relatively convergent at the outlet end. These sidewalls are interconnected along axially extending edge portions with these edge portions also being relatively convergent at the outlet end and particularly at the point of fluid communication with the channel-shaped recess.

Spray nozzle
Application Number
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November 8, 1976
Publication Date
June 27, 1978
Bernard A Derr
75 Granview Rd., Granville, 43023
Mahoney & Stebens
B05B 1/00
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