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An amusement or game device of the type wherein a plurality of symbol displaying devices are provided each comprising a respective series of symbols or indicia which are brought into display position repetitively in serial order following commencement of an operating or playing period. The finally displayed set of symbols representing a scope or lack thereof depends upon the composition of the set of symbols displayed at the termination of the operating period. The composition of that set is dependent upon computer operations consummated or effected at the commencement of the operating period, utilizing randomly generated number codes each representative of a particular symbol of the associated series of symbols. Scoring equipment is provided under the control of a computer to determine a play score in accordance with scoring schedule information stored in the computer memory. Similarly, the number and composition of the differing sets of symbols which merit a score constitutes information scoring likewise stored in the computer memory. Thus the score if any is completely and finally determined at the commencement of a playing operation. The score may be in the form of discs dispensed under computer control.

Amusement apparatus and method
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June 9, 1975
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June 20, 1978
Joseph C Kawan
2034 Paramount Dr., Hollywood, 90068
Bruce H Osterberg
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James C Saxton
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Sellers and Brace
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