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A fastener adapted to be affixed to a hard wall, such as a concrete wall, has a base through which at least one hole extends. A bushing is releasably held in the hole at one end thereof, and extends outwardly, and a pointed pin is held in the center hole of the bushing. The bushing guides the pin into the wall, upon impact. The hole in the base and the bushing may be provided with flanges to inhibit their relative separation. A hinged cover may be provided on the base, to cover the bushings and pins when the fastener is affixed to a wall. In modification of the invention, the pin and bushing are replaced by a screw which extends into an expandable fastener in the wall. The expandable fastener may be formed as a unitary element with the base. In one method for making the fastener, a plurality of bushings are die cast with interconnecting gates, and the interconnected bushings are employed to serve as part of the die for die casting the base, whereby the gates become imbedded in the base to form a frangible means for holding the bushings in the base.

Hard wall fastener
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June 21, 1976
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June 13, 1978
Ruediger Einhorn
Burgess Ryan and Wayne
Coats & Clark
A47G 1/16
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