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A portable independent electronic object designed for storing and transferring data confidentially intended for being coupled to a data transfer device; the said portable object comprising, at least one store module intended for the storage of data in an easily portable form, containing enabling data, coupling means accessible from outside the portable object, enabling the said portable object to be coupled temporarily with the said transfer device, circuits for control of the store, interconnected between the coupling means and the store; the said store and the control circuits being produced in the form of logical microstructures; an indentification comparator connected to the store and to the coupling means, intended for comparing the enabling data contained in the store with a confidential code supplied by the rightful owner of the portable object and introduced into the portable object by way of the said transfer device; the said portable object being characterized in that it includes in addition, a circuit for storage of the errors in confidential code, associated with the identification comparator, intended to keep track permanently of the errors in confidential code, the said storage circuit comprising at least one store element composed of a permanent store.

Systems for storing and transferring data
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May 13, 1976
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May 30, 1978
Roland Moreno
Weiser Stapler & Spivak
Societe Internationale pour l Innovation
G11C 15/04
G06K 19/06
G06K 5/00
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