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A fast food service technique in which a meal is pre-cooked and then transferred to a tray in which the food is refrigerated at a temperature just above its freezing point to preserve the meal without degrading its texture or flavor. When the food is to be made available to customers, the cold trays are transferred to the open shelves of a heating apparatus which is adapted to blow hot air into the shelves to heat the food in the trays to a temperature well below its boiling point to prevent re-cooking thereof and to form a curtain of heated air surrounding the shelves to effectively isolate the trays from relatively cool ambient air, whereby the heated trays may be directly withdrawn by a customer from a shelf without heat loss and without the need to open a door.

Food processing technique
Application Number
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August 12, 1976
Publication Date
May 16, 1978
Raul Guibert
8343 West 4th St., Los Angeles, 90048
Michael Ebert
A47G 23/04
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