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An improved device for use in self defense training, as in karate and the like, includes a life-like articulated training dummy supported in an upright position on a post and having a plurality of separate pressure receptors disposed at various target locations in the dummy. The receptors are interconnected to a signal such as individual lights in a remote display panel so that hits on the receptors can be separately displayed by the panel. The panel can include a timer, hit sequence counter, hit sequence programmer, printed readout, and hit sequence replayer, as well as a warning signal, visual and/or audible, and other safety and training aids. The receptors can be made to distinguish between light and heavy blows. The support post can be rotated at high speed to cause the dummy to simulate an attack when activated by weight detectors in a base around the post. The weight detectors are also disposable in the base in a mode to facilitate stance training. The dummy and post can be provided with shock absorbing elements to protect them from heavy hits during practice. Preferably the dummy includes a tough, resilient surface layer for further protection of the dummy and trainee (one using the dummy) and for toughening the hands of the trainee. The device provides unique advantages in the art of self defense training.

Device for self-defense training
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July 21, 1976
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May 9, 1978
Robert A Schemmel
18012 Hiawatha St., Northridge, 91324
John J Posta Jr
A63B 69/00
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