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These spinal column prostheses/orthoses are for the correction of problems involving scoliosis, kyphosis, spinal instability from a variety of causes, rotational and other mal-alignments by compression and/or distraction (tension) or a combination of these forces which are exerted at the inter spaces between two adjacent vertebrae. The force carried by each segment of these multi-segmented spinal column prostheses/orthoses may be adjusted at the time of insertion and re-adjusted at appropriate intervals as required. This implanted hardware may be used for children and/or adults, it will be constructed from the acceptable and medically approved implantable high quality metals, and may be left in place permanently or temporarily as may be required. Once the spinal correction has been made, the inserted hardware or a portion of it may be removed. These spinal column prostheses/orthoses afford the opportunity to apply forces initially small and later increased in magnitude; they provide the means for applying a given force and, as the device is accommodated and the spine shape corrected, to be readjusted, by certain elements external or internal to the body and thereby reestablish the prescribed force level. As implied by the title "Spinal Column Prostheses/Orthoses" this invention may be viewed as a prosthesis for one physiologic condition; may be used as an orthosis for another condition; and may be employed as a combination prosthesis/orthosis for another condition by the removal of a portion of the device upon partial physiologic correction.

Spinal column prostheses orthoses
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January 31, 1977
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April 25, 1978
Robert K Greenlaw
708 George St., Sydney
David Warren Lewis
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