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This disclosure relates to an elevational and windage adjustable sight rifle mount for readily and rapidly attaching the scope to the rifle and for quickly and easily detaching the scope from the rifle. The mount includes a pair of spaced saddle assemblies fixedly secured to the receiver housing of the rifle. One of the saddle assemblies includes an inclined contact edge while the other assembly includes a flat deformable leaf spring. The scope is clamped to an elongated carrier having one end formed with a sloped or oblique surface which matches and engages the inclined contact edge and having the other end provided with a pivotal lever. One end of the pivotal lever includes a digital tab for being manipulated from an unlocked position to a locked position while the other end of the lever includes a rounded portion which frictionally engages a locking ledge and deflects the leaf spring to positively lock the scope to the rifle.

Telescopic sight gun mount
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October 14, 1976
Publication Date
April 25, 1978
Joseph L Kovac
606 Beech Dr., Trafford, 15085
John B Sotak
F41G 1/38
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