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An electronic chess game is provided, including a playing board surface made up of a number of push-button squares. Display circuitry is provided for displaying at each of the squares an image of any one of the playing chess pieces required for the chess game. Logic circuitry is provided to permit each of the chess players to selectively cause the chess images to be automatically transferred from one square to another. Recall circuitry is provided so that a player can recall a partially completed or a totally completed prior move. The logic circuitry also includes storage circuitry and auxiliary storage circuitry both in the form of flip-flops. Replacement circuitry is provided for replacing a pawn that has moved through the opponent's ranks into the opponent's back row. Indicator circuitry is provided to indicate when it is a particular player's turn. Also provided is a double transfer circuitry for allowing the particular players to "castle" and a means for an "En-Passant" (in passing) move. When one of the player's pieces is captured by the other player, that captured piece appears in the capturer's specially designated area.

Electronic chess game
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November 15, 1976
Publication Date
April 4, 1978
David B Bathurst
19857 Susan Ct., Mount Clemens, 48043
Basile and Weintraub
A63F 3/02
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