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An improved sealing member utilizable as a plug button or grommet is disclosed. An annular locking portion made of a rigid material is integrally bonded to a flexible elastomeric body. For use as a grommet, the sealing member also has an opening in the center of the elastomeric body and a sealing surface projecting therefrom for engaging a member (wire, cable, or the like) to be supported thereby. The rigid annular shaped portion of the sealing member has a tapered shape and is slightly larger than the opening in which the sealing member is to be positioned; the member has to be tilted or cocked in order to be inserted in place. Once the rigid annular locking portion is inserted beyond the opening, the sealing member is securely held and locked in place by the outer edge of the annular portion. Once inserted, the sealing member seals the opening around the entire edge thereof. A secondary sealing means can also be provided in the form of a raised sealing ridge on the outer periphery of the flexible elastomeric body.

In another embodiment, the sealing member is adapted to be attached by screws to surround and seal an opening. A plurality of holes are provided in the rigid annular shaped portion of the sealing member; the screws are placed in these holes and attached to the surface around the opening. With this embodiment, the flexible elastomeric body is positioned over the opening and the rigid annular portion is used as a supporting surface of the screw means as well as the sealing member itself.

In still another embodiment, the entire sealing member, or at least the rigid annular portion thereof, is split or formed with a thin slot therein to more easily enable bundles of wires, cables and the like to be inserted in the center thereof. The split member also can be more easily inserted in an opening. A deformable metal ring can also be molded in the elastomeric portion of the sealing member to assist in closing and securely holding closed the split member.

Sealing member
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January 28, 1976
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April 4, 1978
Phillip L Rubright
Harness Dickey & Pierce
Chemcast Corporation
B65D 55/00
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