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An improved automated shopping system used within stores of the type utilizing shopping carts having product code scanning means and product weight sensing means located thereon in conjunction with a central computer also located within the store wherein the improvement comprises a first scanner releasably mounted on the shopping cart, a control panel mounted upon the shopping cart, means for visual display of word and numerical entries on the control panel, means for the readings of the first scanner to appear on the visual display, means for totalling numerical data that appear on the visual display, a second scanner located on the control panel, means whereby the second scanner's numerical entries are totaled and the total, with the second scanner's other readings appear on the visual display, and a printout device located in said control panel which records and totals the numerical entries and prints them on tape.

Mobile automated shopping system
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May 26, 1976
Publication Date
January 31, 1978
Paul Gogulski
7 Maple Circle, Scarborough, 04074
William Nitkin
E04H 3/04
G06K 15/02
G06K 15/18
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