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Hardware duplication at each of a plurality of CRT key stations is minimized and centralized control is maintained by performing many traditional CRT key station operations under software control by a central processing unit. Simplified CRT key stations include circuitry providing automatic key stroke repeat for continuously actuated keys only after receipt of a repeat enable signal from the central processing unit for each separate repeat and a tone generator responsive to commands from the central processing unit. The tone generator includes a key click circuit to audibly indicate each completion of a key activation. CRT key station circuitry inserts a configuration code with each key stroke data word which indicates one of a plurality of available key switch arrangements for the CRT key station. The configuration code permits a single key station hardware design to be included in a data entry system with different keyboard configurations such as typewriter, calculator, keypunch or even foreign language to be selected without need for a conversion system at each CRT key station to convert key stroke information to a common code. Instead, a central processing unit may utilize the configuration code to identify an appropriate conversion table stored in memory.

CRT key station which is responsive to centralized control
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November 26, 1976
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December 20, 1977
Alan K Jennings
Huntington Beach
Fraser and Bogucki
Pertec Computer Corporation
G06F 3/14
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