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This disclosure describes a process for the preparation of iron-bearing and calcium-bearing sorbent solids for use in the desulfurization of gases. The process involves mechanical procedures for generating porous agglomerated solids that are high in surface area and uniquely suitable in both particle size and mechanical properties for processing in gas-solids contacting equipment of conventional design. The process also involves the use of water in the agglomeration procedures in quantities controlled to react both chemically and mechanically with solid components of the feed materials and to generate adhesive cement between finely divided solids in porous agglomerated particles of the sorbent product.

Process for the production of sorbent solids for use in the desulfurization of gases
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June 18, 1976
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December 6, 1977
Patrick John McGauley
7 Plymouth Road, Port Washington, 11050
Mandeville and Schweitzer
C01B 17/60
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