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A method and apparatus for enhancing mental images of data in various visual environments utilizes an electronically generated visual display of an environment including datum references to be acted upon by the subject and means which may be manipulated by the subject to electrically record an action taken by him to change a datum reference of the visual display. His action using the manipulatable means in response to the instruction is electrically recorded invisibly to him. Thereafter, there is presented for comparison an electrically generated visual display including the datum reference as changed by the correct response to the given instruction and the visual display of that reference as changed by his action. The method and apparatus may utilize concurrently an auditory environment corresponding to the visual environment and the actions taken by the subject may effect concurrent change in the visual and/or auditory environments.

Mental image enhancement apparatus utilizing computer systems
Application Number
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August 2, 1976
Publication Date
December 6, 1977
Malcolm J Conway
Main Road, Gill
G09B 7/04
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