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A method for joining soft body tissues and a device for practicing the method which includes a retainer strip formed of a material which in time is absorbed by the body and which is provided with a plurality of longitudinally spaced openings and a fastener strip also formed of a material which is similarly absorbed and which is provided with a plurality of longitudinally spaced prongs each having a barbed end portion and an axial passage. Both the retainer strip and fastener strip are preferably formed of biologically absorbable plastic material for gradual absorption by the body and are movable together so that the prongs are inserted through the tissue to be joined and through the retainer strip openings with the tissue secured between the strips. The strips are movable together by means of a rigid anvil member engageable with the retainer strip and a rigid pusher member engageable with the fastener strip. A plurality of spaced pins is provided on the pusher member for insertion into respective prong passages to maintain the prongs rigid during the joining procedure, separation of the fastened strips is prevented by the barbs on the prongs.

Surgical fastening method and device therefor
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September 3, 1975
Publication Date
November 29, 1977
Douglas G Noiles
New Canaan
Fleit & Jacobson
United States Surgical Corporation
A61B 17/08
A61B 17/12
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